Friday, September 30, 2005

Exploring "Heart" #1

Heart means more than emotion and feeling. Peggy Holman thought it might be the intersection of thought and feeling, but then we wondered if it was that more whole place where thought and feeling come from. Adin Rogovin thought it had something to do with authenticity and expressing and touching our deepest knowing of what's universal, so that it resonates in another. I tried out some poetic approaches, none of which quite satisfies me, but each is interesting...


Expressing and evoking
what is poignantly or passionately alive
and heart-to-heart true
to the aliveness in me and you,

this authentic, enlivening
thinking-feeling-sensing arises
from our deepest asking and knowing such
that we cannot help but touch
and be touched deep inside

where life matters in all its turnings
and we know we are on the same journey.


Both feet at
the heart of the matter,
the center, the essence.
I feel, see, say
what my mind finds there.


Beyond thinking and feeling
there is a well
so wide and deep that
all can drink there together forever.
The water from this well
has heart, heals; here,
my brother, my sister, drink.
Welcome to the center of my life,
your life, our lives, Life...
precious among everything that matters,


Who you are...
How much I care...
What is real...
Right now. Forever.
These things matter.
I see them alive,
feel them alive,
know them alive,
say them alive,
that we may live authentically,
companions on this heartful journey
at the center.
Our journey of truth
knows so well what I mean
inside you
that even when you don't understand
my words,
we are still on the path together
hand in hand.