Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ten Perspectives on Converging Crises (especially Climate Change)

Here's a brainstorm of ten worldviews -- ways people can view -- the emerging/converging crises -- peak oil, extreme climate change, financial melt-down, the end of US empire, loss of topsoil and fresh water, pollution, dangerous technologies + terrorism, etc., etc. -- in terms of scenarios and their implications for life, action, policy, etc.

Business as Usual (Denial)

Eco-Revised Business as Usual (greening lifestyle and consumption)

Crisis as Opportunity for Profit and Consolidation of Power (Naomi Klein)

Major Policy Changes Required (Al Gore; head of GAO)

Prepare for the Worst (Survivalist and Community Preparations)

Social Transformation (infrastructure collapses move us towards sustainability and local self-reliance)

Crisis as Opportunity for Conscious Evolution (Atlee and Holman)

Catastrophic Chaos and/or Control (vast die-off; Fascism; Lovelock)

End of Civilization (only harsh environments; a few thousand people left in tribes/underground)

End of (Higher Forms of) Life as We Know It (uninhabitable planet; Venus; nano gray goo)

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